Russia has interest in keeping the conflicts in the Balkans “alive”, Osmani says


The Russian Federation is one of the factors that have an interest in keeping the conflicts in this region “alive”, in order to more easily manifest influence. Well, even the latest escalation between Bulgaria and North Macedonia will be welcomed by many third parties, who will see a chance to maintain a permanent conflict here, the Macedonian Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani pointed out on Sunday.

In an interview with Radio Free Europe, Minister Osmani, asked if he thinks that the Russian intelligence service is “undermining” Macedonian-Bulgarian relations, says that he does not have such direct information.

“I do not have such direct information, but that there is an interest of third parties in keeping alive the conflicts in this region, once frozen, in order to be able to more easily manifest influence in our region, that is already known. They have seen it in different intensity, in different periods, not only between Bulgaria and North Macedonia, but in general in the Western Balkans, so surely the latest escalation will be welcomed by many third factors. Is it in our interest? I do not agree,” said Osmani.


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