Private bus companies announce new roadblocks


Private bus transport companies gathered this morning in front of the headquarters of the Public Transport Company “Skopje” with a request to meet with the director to resolve their debt problem, in order to be able to start working again, but they were refused on the grounds that he was not present and is in another meeting.
They say that they will request admission from Skopje Mayor Danela Arsovska, as well as from Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski, and if they are not received from both the City of Skopje and the Government, then they see the protest as the only way out.
“We are financially exhausted, we have not been working for three months, but we will still service the buses and they will be in operation. We need financial resources the most. Let’s agree on the method of payment, to pay us the funds, we will activate the buses again,” added Zafirovski.
When asked what they will do if there is no meeting with either the director, the City of Skopje, or the Government, Zafirovski replied that the only way out as a democratic right is to protest.

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