The state should take measures, and not behave like a Bulgarian province, says Dimitrov


The Government should not behave like a Bulgarian province and take measures against MEP Angel Dzhambazki if he plans provocations on February 4, former Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov told TV Telma.
“These are territorial claims and we must behave as a state, not as a Bulgarian province, and it is absolutely completely legitimate to take measures, but everything stems from the first – to face that there will be problems with Bulgaria if we pretend they don’t exist,” stressed Dimitrov .
Let’s wake up from this panic and self-censorship
He criticizes the government for waking up every morning apologizing to Bulgaria.
“First of all, we need to escape from this panicked self-censorship, in which we will need to start the day by apologizing to Sofia. We need to calm down, sit back and see how to get out of this knot. We have no legal guarantee that this leads to the EU at all, let a European facilitator come in to sit down with the historians, if Bulgaria has black and white that we are artificial (an artificial nation), then let Berlin and Paris make their official statements that they are happy that one day the Macedonian language will become part of the EU. This with the amendments is tied to the negation, let’s talk about the Bulgarians in the Constitution, but let it come into force when we become a member in Brussels,” Dimitrov pointed out.

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