New escape from Skopje prison – must blood be shed like in Idrizovo for accountability of Tupanchevski and Andov “Sokol”, asks Stoilkovski


Another prisoner escaped from the Skopje prison in Shuto Orizari. Second escape in two weeks said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski at a press conference on Monday.
“Two days ago, Arif Alili from Kichevo escaped from the prison where Filip Andov – Sokol is the director. And Alili, the latest escapee from the prison under Sokol’s eye, as well as the escapee from two weeks ago, was part of the so-called “free class”. Arif is one of the two Alili brothers well-known to the Kicevo public, arrested in September 2020, he was sentenced to three years, after an extensive operation to arrest drug dealers, and Shutka escaped from prison five months before the end of his sentence. This can no longer be seen as a coincidence, these are systemic failures, if not intentional systemic failures. This is no longer a state, but the territory of the mafia, in which prisoners can freely leave prison whenever they want. Just two weeks ago, Nafi Abdiovski, a prisoner with a whole photo album with the entire SDS, left Shutka, the authorities kdid nothing to Sokol. Now another escape is happening, and the government is silent and hiding again. How many more prisoners need to escape Shutka to be held accountable? Does blood have to be shed, like in Idrizovo, in order to react?,” asked Stoilkovski.

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