Bachev tells Radev: Let Goce rest in peace, we are ready to give you Pendarovski, Kovachevski including Zaev


At home in Macedonia, the bearers of the anti-Macedonian project to give away everything Macedonian to Bulgaria are current and former prime ministerial and presidential puppets: StevoPendarovski, DimitarKovachevski and ZoranZaev who deface the Macedonian state, nation, language, history and erasure of the Macedonians in Pirin Macedonia.

“Therefore, United Macedonia, which is basically fighting for the defense of Macedonian national interests, together with the Macedonian people, is ready to start a procedure to resolve the misunderstanding with the Macedonian great GoceDelchev in a way that StevoPendarovski, DimitarKovachevski and ZoranZaev will be presented to it. of Bulgaria permanently and forever, and GoceDelchev can rest in peace,” said the leader of the political party United Macedonia, JankoBachev, in the letter he sent to the Pof the Republic of Bulgaria, Rumen Radev.

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