Tupancheski believes that a swift change of ministers is not the best solution


The Macedonian Minister of Justice Nikola Tupancheski is not afraid of losing his ministerial post, despite the fact that the information that is spreading in the public these days suggests that the potential entry of the Alliance for Albanians (AA) into the ruling majority would also mean the departure of the Ministries of Justice and Health by SDSM and Alternativa, at the expense of AA staff.

Asked if he fears that he will lose his ministerial position, Tupancheski says that he is not at all burdened by the further development of events in this direction.

“No, I’m at work. Neither I as a minister, nor the Ministry of Justice are burdened by this development. I said that until the last day while we are in the Ministry of Justice we will give our best. I would not like to comment on the political or party context,” said the head of the Justice Ministry.


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