Doctor that removed organs of the woman in labor and performed illegal child deliveries gets a suspended sentence


The Struga Basic Court ruled a suspended sentence for gynecologist Muhamed Asani, because he provided health services in an illegal office in his home, and among the clients was the woman in labor, Jaldz Veaposka, who later lost her organs. This is the outcome of the first criminal report of the State Sanitary and Health Inspectorate.

Now, the gynecologist must not commit a new crime in the next four years, otherwise, he will have to spend two years in prison. The verdict was pronounced in the Struga Basic Court.

“I am pleased with the outcome of the case, because they punished him for illegally examining me and all the women in that clinic. There were other women there who were being examined. I believe that I have protected other women who would have gone there,” Veaposka.

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