Mexhiti: While doing stunts for 80, there might not even be 61 MPs


Members of the so-called DUI’s “fire group” tonight held a meeting with party members and sympathizers in Gostivar, from where they once again expressed dissatisfaction with the results of the executive authority of DUI in the Government headed by Artan Grubi as First Deputy Prime Minister.
“At a time when the Government has 64 MPs, in order to save Artan, it takes MPs from the opposition, which means that the Alliance for Albanians is for Artan, not for the EU. While doing stunts for 80, we might not even have 61 MPs. Now they will go to the EU with Arben Taravari, who up until yesterday was with Moscow and with Levica. In order to pass constitutional amendments, six more MPs from VMRO-DPMNE are needed, but even that is not certain, so they will have to be secured with a new acrobatics,” said the vice-president of DUI and member of the “fire group” Izet Mexhiti at the meeting in Gostivar

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