MFA: Bulgaria allowed radical individuals to reach Deve Bair


Despite the expressed will, Bulgaria did not make sufficient efforts to prevent the access of radical individuals to the Deve Bair border crossing, thus enabling some of them to behave aggressively, to insult and act violently towards the representatives of the Macedonian border police, the Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a press release on Sunday.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs considers that the celebration of the 151st anniversary of the birth of Goce Delchev passed in the best order and without disturbing the public order and peace, with the access of numerous official and civil delegations from Macedonia, including the official delegation of Bulgaria and Bulgarian citizens, to pay homage to the great.

“However, with regret, we state that radical individuals, representatives of organizations and political parties in Bulgaria continue to express territorial claims towards the Republic of North Macedonia and continuously violate the dignity of Macedonian citizens, the Macedonian people and our country,” added the press release.


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