Pendarovski: The other side used Delchev’s birthday to create tensions, we passed the test


Goce Delcev’s birth anniversary was used by the other side to create tensions according to me quite unnecessarily, Macedonian President Stevo Pendarovski said on Monday.

Pendarovski confirmed that the Macedonian-Bulgarian relations have been deteriorating lately.

“Unfortunately, Goce Delcev’s birth anniversary was used by the other side to raise tensions according to me quite unnecessarily. However, I think that the evaluation of February 4 is undivided, and from our side as a country, we completely passed the test and showed how a serious European country should behave by respecting the rights of people to pay respect to the great Macedonian revolutionary and at the same time to isolate all those who come with bad intentions, that is, they come with the intention of provoking and causing disturbances,” President Pendarovski pointed out, asked by the media after the meeting with his Hungarian counter Katalin Novák.

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