Safe Journalists: State officials and politicians in Macedonia to stop unprofessional behavior towards journalists


In the past three weeks (from January 15 to February 6), state officials have shown belittling, unprofessional and arrogant behavior towards journalists during press conferences in Macedonia, react the associations of journalists from N. Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, BiH, Croatia and Montenegro.

“For the past 3-4 years, the Association of Journalists of Macedonia (AJM) has noticed cases of inappropriate communication from state officials to journalists, but these are isolated incidents. However, in the past three weeks, such communication has occurred five times. AJM reacted to all five cases – Continued trend of rude outbursts of state officials towards journalists; Ali Ahmeti must not label media; Improper labeling of media by Prime Minister Kovachevski; AJM reacts to the attitude of officials from the MES towards the journalist Qerimi and State officials again attacking journalists – this behavior must stop!,” reads AJM’s press release.

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