Gjorchev tells Kovachevski and Pendarovski: Last semester 4,000 students left the country with their parents


In the past six months alone, 4,000 children left Macedonia, 4,000 students dropped out of the Macedonian schools. It is a defeat for the Government, these are catastrophic numbers. All those 4,000 children have 4,000 mothers, 4,000 fathers, there are children who have dropped out of kindergarten, there are people who have moved away after 20 years and have not started a family, and we come to a startling figure that during Tache Kovachevski and Stevo Pendarovski’s rule, around 15,000 and 20,000 people left Macedonia, summing up to 40,000 people that left the country during 2022. An entire city stadium full of people has been evicted from Macedonia in one year with this government of misunderstood merchants. The state is collapsing, Macedonia is collapsing economically, demographically and state-wise, said the VMRO-DPMNE Executive Committee member Vlatko Gjorchev.

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