Hristovski: The Alliance for Albanians joining the Government is not natural, only elections can stop the sinking of the state


The Alliance for Albanians joins a government that it has criticized so much and it is not quite natural to be there, but maybe they have an idea to change something. However, in order to change something, it can only be done with elections, said Bojan Hristovski, president of the VMRO-DPMNE City Committee in an interview on Radio Leader on Friday.

Although there is expansion with coalition partners, according to Hristovski, nothing is clear yet.

“I think they themselves are not sure if they have a majority at all. They make a government even without elections. Elections are necessary and whenever VMRO-DPMNE will lead the victory of this evil in the country. We are witnessing only corruption, inadequate treatment of the sick, people dying. There are thousands of cases that we don’t even know about, and for which there is no adequate answer,” said Hristovski.

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