Prendzov: The only European option within the Parliament is the opposition


MP from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE and the coalition Ljupcho Prendzov, at the visit of 24 analysis, stressed that the only European option in the parliament is the opposition. According to the MP, the ruling coalition’s accusations against the opposition that it is non-European do not hold.

“I most responsibly claim that the only European option within the Parliament is the opposition. See how things shift. They are “pro-European”, but under the cover of a state secret, they buy gas from Lebedev for a price twice as expensive as that which they can buy from Makpetrol, and we are “anti-European”. They are “pro-European”, but every Russian capital in this country must have someone from SDSM’s money involved in it, and we are “anti-European”. They are pro-European, but they give Onishchenko citizenship and a passport,” said Prendzov.

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