Mickoski tells SDSM MPs: Show some courage, don’t give in to pressure and don’t let Ahmeti, Rama and the leadership push the country into hell for the sake of tenders


With this leadership, SDSM has never been in a worse condition and has never had a weaker leadership, and that is the work of the members and activists. It is a party that has been present on the political scene for more than 3 decades and has its own tradition, and it would not be good for these people who lead the SDSM today to extinguish it. I urge the MPs of the ruling SDSM and all those who in the past period gave signs and positions different from the leadership, to show some courage and to stand in the way of two or three of the leadership who are destroying the future of Macedonia as well, said the leader of VMRO- DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski during his visit to Kavadarci on Tuesday.

The opposition leader called on the dissidents not to be hostages of Ali Ahmeti and not to allow Edi Rama to form the future government of Macedonia again.

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