Is there a way out of borrowing – last year’s public debt was 57.1 percent of GDP and is historically the highest  


Macedonia ended 2022 with 7.7 billion euros of public debt, which is 57.1 percent of the gross domestic product. It is historically the largest debt, but the borrowing that is planned this year, in accordance with the Budget for 2023, is over 1.6 billion euros, reads the analysis of the website.

The analysis shows that a part will be used for repayment of old debts, but, of course, the borrowing is greater than the amount of repayment itself, especially since large budget expenditures for the energy crisis are planned this year. 847.4 million euros are planned for the repayment of old debts (domestic and foreign), and the planned budget deficit, as the difference between revenues and expenses, is 695.3 million euros and it must be financed by borrowing.

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