Due to the overproduction of licenses, the cannabis industry, from an economic one, has become a security issue


VMRO-DPMNE MP Mile Lefkov, in an interview with TV Klan talking about why VMRO-DPMNE opposes the legal changes in the Law on the Control of Narcotic Drugs, said that due to the overproduction of licenses issued by the Government as well as the non-adopted secondary legal acts “instead of an issue from an economic aspect, it turned into an issue from a security aspect”.

“We should ask ourselves what is the purpose of this law. I said that the goal, in agreement with all MP groups, is to advance production for medical purposes. Why did the Ministry of Health fail to adequately regulate this issue? And instead of an economic aspect in a few years, it turned into a security issue. We had chiefs of police stations in Macedonia, from Prilep leading a caravan of marijuana that was supposed to end up in Greece. From Valandovo, then a hundred or two hundred kilos were found in Arachinovo, 1.8 tons of marijuana disappeared,” Lefkov pointed out.



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