Kovachevski is Grubi’s hostage, and even worse – Radev’s hostage, Dimitrovski claims


Macedonian Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski is a direct hostage of First Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi, and on the other hand, I think that Kovachevski is also a hostage of Bulgarian President Rumen Radev, which is even more dramatic. Because we didn’t see very friendly rhetoric from Radev, and during this period after the “French proposal” it was said that mutual relations should be relaxed, the former Deputy Minister of Local Self-Government Zoran Dimitrovski from the Democratic Union (DS) told Radio Leader.

Dimitrovski stressed that the idea of ​​a European front, although forced and confrontational for divisions among the population, Macedonians are not against Europe but Eurosceptic because of Europe’s attitude towards them.

In relation to the Pendikov case, Dimitrovski pointed out that it was not accidental and that it was during that period that it was agreed to have a coalition meeting with Kovachevski, and at that meeting on those very days, Kovachevski told what happened.

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