Mickoski: The credibility of the country has been damaged after the Eurobond fell through, a cost has been incurred which the citizens will pay


The leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, asked during his visit to Gevgelija on Friday regarding the collapse of the EUR 600 million Eurobond and how much damage was caused to the state, stressed that Kovachevski should answer for the damage, but the credibility of the state, a cost has been incurred that will be paid by the citizens, and it is a shame and a disaster that is practically mirrored at every level in the state.

“Well, regarding the damage, Kovachevski should answer how great the damage is, but it is an unprecedented event, unfortunately, which the citizens will have to pay again, for the financial damage caused to the state, but also for the shame caused to that is, the credibility of the state has been damaged and I would not be surprised if the next bond to be issued has a higher interest rate, taking into account what we learn from the media that 41% of the investors are funds from North America, that alone says enough. The cancellation of the bond for a trivial reason does not matter whether it is the minister’s signature that has been changed or something else, the credibility of the state has simply been damaged, it is a cost that the citizens will pay at the end of the day, the shame towards these 41% of the investors, these funds from North America, the cost to those four banks, the cost to those companies and houses that promoted this Eurobond, in one word, a shame and a disaster that is practically mirrored at every level in the country,” stressed Mickoski.



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