Alternativa in contact with the “Fire group”: Adopting an amendment to fight against corruption is not blackmail


We have communication with the so-called “Fire group” of DUI, but not with the Besa Movement, informed at Friday’s press conference at the party headquarters, the general secretary of Alternativa, Zeqirja Ibrahimi.

With the so-called “Fire group” we have had communication. We still have no communication with Besa. But those are things that remain to be seen, Ibrahimi said.

Asked about the conditionality of the Alternativa to the constitutional amendments for the inclusion of the Bulgarians in the Preamble, Ibrahimi said that the party’s request for the adoption of an amendment to fight corruption does not constitute a conditionality or blackmail.

“If the insertion of the amendment to fight against corruption is conditioning and blackmail, then I do not understand the word blackmail,” said Ibrahimi.


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