Kovachevski: Cyber-attacks this past year are related to the war in Ukraine, North Macedonia is not the only target


Macedonian Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski, in an interview with the MIA state news agency, during the Munich Security Conference, spoke about the cyber-attacks that we have been facing in the past period. When asked if there is a mutual connection between cyber-attacks, bomb threats, as well as their possible connection with the war in Ukraine, the Prime Minister replied:

“They are absolutely related to the war that is being fought in Ukraine, because before that they did not exist. Second, the hybrid war that is being waged, which includes cyber-attacks, which includes hacking attacks, which includes disinformation, is practically a new way of warfare that has never been seen before. It has several goals: first, to blockade key vital systems in NATO, EU, Western-defined countries. Second, to bring unrest among the citizens because systems that serve a large number of citizens are being attacked and thirdly to create a system of disinformation in the states which at the end of the day goes in the direction and benefits only those who do not want to see our region specifically to be a part of the EU or to be a part of NATO,” said the Prime Minister. In the interview, he specifically commented on the attack on the Health Insurance Fund.


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