Boki 13 sends a letter to US ambassador: I’m facing death threats, I have sensitive information, I beg for protection


BojanJovanovski, a.k.a.Boki 13, sent a letter to the U.S. ambassador to the country, Angela Aggeler, in which he states that he is facing serious torture and illegal and criminal treatment by the judicial authorities. Boki 13 requests protection from the ambassador and the reason for that, as he says in the letter, is the sensitive data he has in his possession.

“I am asking for your help and please visit me at the Idrizovo state penitentiary as soon as possible, you or another official delegated by you for reasons that I appreciate that it is necessary and significant to share with you important and sensitive data that I have, and they are of an extremely serious nature and are directly related to corrupt actions of individuals and crime related to persons from the highest state structures. I am asking for your protection as I am facing real threats to my life, especially as the people involved have real power and influence,” Jovanovski wrote in his letter.

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