Police search Idrizovo prison cells – mobile phones, money, drug paraphernalia found and confiscated


On 20.02.2023, the Department for the Suppression of Organized and Serious Crime and the Department for Special Police Operations – EBR, under the leadership of a competent public prosecutor from the Public Prosecutor’s Office Skopje, conducted a coordinated action in the Idrizovo Skopje Penitentiary, with the aim of finding inadmissible or prohibited items at convicted persons who are serving a prison sentence.

“Searches were carried out in a total of 14 cells and two rooms, during which they found: a larger amount of money than legally allowed that convicted persons can possess in different denominations and currencies, a tablet, 11 mobile phones, several pieces of accessories for mobile phones, several sharp objects, drug paraphernalia, which was confiscated,” informed the Ministry of Interior.

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