Skopje’s PPOopens investigation intoLatas and Lazarov’s interview


The Skopje Public Prosecutor’s Office has filed a case for the interview of the journalist DraganPavlovic – Latas, given to the YouTuber Stefan Lazarov. A report from the Department of Computer Crime at the Ministry of Interior, who worked on the case because it was an interview on the YouTube channel, reached the PPO.

“A notification from the Computer Crime Department with the Ministry of Interior about the event was delivered to the Skopje Public Prosecutor’s Office. A competent public prosecutor will give instructions for further actions and checks,” said the PPO.

Several non-governmental organizations, public figures and users of social media requested that the state authorities react in relation to Latas’s statements, which they believe contain the promotion of violence against women, as well as that he raped a girl at the age of 14.

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