MKD 38,555,035 aid collected to Turkey and Syria


As of February 23, a total of MKD 38,555,035 have been paid to the RNM through the donor telephone lines and from the Red Cross Solidarity Fund to help the suffering population affected by the catastrophic earthquake in Turkey and Syria.
The Red Cross announced that next week it will deliver the third shipment to the suffering population affected by the catastrophic earthquake in Turkey. Due to the great interest of the citizens, the Red Cross of RNM is submitting the humanitarian action until March 15, 2023.
All interested legal entities and citizens can donate money to the account of the Solidarity Fund of the Red Cross of RSM: 300000001327966, tax number: 4030984271620 AD Komercijalna banka with the indication: aid for the population in Turkey and Syria, as well as donate MKD 100 by calling the telephone numbers 143 400 of Makedonski Telekom and A1.

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