No one knows how much money the state spent on cheaper electricity for companies


The money is spent, yet the prices have decreased minimally. However, no one currently has an exact calculation, how much money from the budget, which is filled by the citizens, was used these months for part of the food companies to receive cheaper subsidized electricity.
Not even Finance Minister Besimi, who manages the state treasury, currently has such information. But he promised that in the coming period an analysis will be made and every penny of the citizens will be known exactly where it ended up. He did not answer whether in his opinion the measure was effective, he only repeated what his colleague Economy Minister Bekteshi announced, that it will be abolished.
“All information is transparent, the fact that it is the taxpayers’ money, down to the last denar, the citizens will know where the money was spent, and I can absolutely tell you that, and this is easily calculated,” said Minister Besimi.

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