Skopje residents will pay higher bills for water starting March


Drinking water for the citizens of Skopje will get more expensive than the expected 23.14 MKD average tariff per cubic meter to 26.36 MKD. Such a decision was made by the Regulatory Commission for Energy and Water Services at the request of PE Water Supply and Sewerage to increase the prices of the services.
The decision should be confirmed at Friday’s session of the Regulatory Board and take effect starting from March.
The service of collection and removal of urban waste water is also becoming more expensive from the planned 13.25 to 15 MKD per cubic meter. Wastewater treatment will also have a new price, which instead of 0.86 will cost 0.87 MKD this year. And these two charges are borne by the residents of the capital, which form the final price.

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