Parliament elects new ministers


In the late hours on Monday after two weeks of discussion, the Parliament elected the four new ministers in the Government – Krenar Loga for Justice, Fatmir Mexhiti for Health, Azir Aliu for Information Society and Administration, as well as Kaja Shukova for Environment and Spatial Planning.

Loga, Mexhiti and Aliu are from the ranks of the Alliance for Albanians, while Shukova is proposed by SDSM. Loga takes the place of Nikola Tupancheski, a portfolio previously managed by SDSM, Mexhiti replaces Bekim Sali from Alternativa, and Aliu replaces Admirim Aliti, also from Alternativa. Shukova, on the other hand, will replace Naser Nuredini from the ranks of DUI.

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