Constitutional Court abolishes appanage for officials who have been dismissed or resigned


The Constitutional Court of N. Macedonia made a decision on Wednesday to abolish the right to appanage of officials who have been dismissed or resigned, repealing Article 22 of the Law on Salary and Other Compensation of Elected and Appointed Officials as contrary to the rule of law.
According to the Constitutional Court, these officials were dismissed or resigned due to some kind of responsibility related to the performance of the entrusted office and therefore, they should not receive monetary compensation in such cases.
“A member of parliament, an official and a manager who has resigned or been dismissed from duty before the end of the period for which he was elected, appointed or appointed, has all the rights from Article 19 of this law. The persons from paragraph 1 of this article, while exercising the right to salary, also have the right to compensation for using annual leave.

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