SSM to sue Minister of Finance Besimi


Finance Minister Fatmir Besimi committed a crime under Article 166 of the Criminal Code because he knowingly did not comply with the Law on Salary and Salary Allowances. By doing so, he violates, takes away or limits the right of the employee that belongs to him and did not increase the salaries of the employees of the Ministry of Finance even though he has a legal obligation to do so.

The government, in an attempt to save it, adopted a draft Law on amending and supplementing the Law on Budgets, which, fortunately for the workers, was not passed in the parliamentary procedure, according to the Union of Trade Unions of Macedonia (SSM).

“In the next few days, the SSM will file a criminal complaint against Minister Besimi and against all those involved who do not want to respect the law they brought themselves and changed their minds, and to the detriment of the workers, “said the union.

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