Marichikj: The same safety and quality standards as European and Macedonian citizens


The Deputy Prime Minister in charge of European affairs Bojan Marichikj opened the bilateral screening meeting for Chapter 28 “Consumer Protection and Public Health” in Brussels today, which was also attended by the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of economic affairs and coordination of economic departments, Fatmir Bytyqi.
The Deputy Prime Minister and chief negotiator with the European Union, Bojan Marichikj, in his introductory speech, stressed that the Government is committed and working on constantly improving the status of consumers, prosperity and the growth of living standards, which are actually the main goals of the European Union.
“According to the EU’s consumer protection policy, we still have work to do to remove market obstacles, so that services and goods can circulate with the same safety and quality standards as the European ones,” said Marichikj.

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