Government is declaratively in favor of freezing bread prices, yet for one kilo of white bread it paid between 92 and 168 MKD!


This so-called “bread crisis” is the result of the Government’s inability to regulate market relations, and unfortunately the citizens suffer the most. But does and to what extent does the Government itself respect the regulations it creates? Kovachevski’s government declaratively says that it is in favor of freezing the price of bread at 33 MKD, and it itself spends far more money on the purchase of bread, said MP from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE Bojan Stojanoski on Friday.

The Government last year paid MKD 92 for a kilogram of sliced wheat white bread made of type 400 flour from one company that won the tender. In another item, it paid MKD 168 for the same bread with an extended term. Hence the question arises, does the government’s math not apply when it comes to spending taxpayers’ money? Why did the government spend from 30% to 100% more to purchase bread through SOZR?, asked Stojanoski.

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