Bomb threat whistleblowers are becoming insolent because we can’t detect them


This is really a big problem, unfortunately we still haven’t found the proper modality and that’s why we still have reports. Because we haven’t found the modality, the intensity of bomb threats is growing, said professor from the Faculty of Security Zlate Dimovski in an interview with Radio Free Europe.

Dimovski said that whistleblowers become insolent because they cannot be detected, which is why not long ago there was a bomb report in the presidential residence, which is highly secured. They are emboldened by the fact that they cannot be found and that they cannot be prevented from their intentions, so the daily bomb threats to schools and institutions continue with the same intensity.

There were bomb threats in the region as well, and Professor Dimovski says that most likely the local authorities have found methods and managed to prevent these reports through the providers.

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