Kovachevski: SDSM’s work confirms that we are the bearers of equality


In his address at the Women’s Day march in Prilep, SDSM party leader Dimitar Kovachevski pointed out that the measures and policies of SDSM over the years confirm that this party is the bearer of equality in Macedonian society.

“The first law on equal opportunities was passed during the time of the Government led by the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia. For the first time, domestic violence was regulated in a separate section in the Law on Family, when SDSM led the Government, in 2004. The law on prevention and protection against violence against women and domestic violence, which we passed in 2021, establishes a complete and coordinated system for preventing, protecting and combating violence against women, including domestic violence, and is in line with the Istanbul Convention, which the country ratified it in 2018,” said Prime Minister Kovachevski.

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