VIDEO| Opposition Performance: Prime Minister Influencer of the Year, Deputy Prime Minister Best Real Estate Agent


Virtue and human greatness are shown by actions and deeds, not by empty words. As a politically active youth, we prove this by deciding not to be someone who will constantly criticize, but also someone who will praise success, the entrepreneurial spirit and the vision for the professions of the future, stressed the president of the Commission for Life environment of the VMRO-DPMNE Union of Youth Forces, Mladen Janevski.

“Maybe the shelves with bread in the markets are empty and the people have nothing to eat, but such a small and unimportant thing must not overshadow the fact that with only 26,000 euros, you can buy a few hundred likes on Facebook,” Janevski said.

During the performance, he said that the award for “influencer of the year” was awarded to Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski “for the most money invested in the development of the culture of social networks”, and the Vice Prime Minister for European Integration Bojan Marichikj was declared “Tourist of the Year” who proved that “diplomacy is just a side job for a world traveler like him.”

The award for “best real estate agent”, on the other hand, is dedicated to Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi “for his character and work, and perfecting the negotiation techniques that brought him the best prices and deals”. The youth of the opizian party actually alludes to the fact that Grubi’s relatives acquired ownership of a hotel in one of the most famous winter resorts in the Popova Šapka region for only 60,000 euros, and his wave of a still undetermined amount of business building on an expensive street in the center of the main the City of Skopje.

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