Farmers expect higher wheat production and a reduction in the impact of imports


The areas with wheat are larger by more than a thousand hectares, and an increased production of bread grain of about 30,000 tons is expected, and according to the evaluations of the Association of Farmers of Macedonia, with a permanent increase in both the areas and the production, the aspiration towards domestic wheat is real and to reduce the impact of imports.

Goran Tomeski, an agronomist from the Agricultural Production Support Agency, confirms that the wheat areas near Prilep have increased by 10 to 15 percent.

“The areas have increased, the autumn crop is in good condition and if the weather conditions are favorable in May and June, the production will be expected to increase,” said Tomeski.

President of the Association of Farmers Pero Stojkoski estimates that after last year’s production of about 250,000 tons, an increased crop is expected. But he points out that they still have to import, because they strive for their own production, but for that permanent state support is necessary for profitability.

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