Catastrophic data for the last quarter: Construction and investment in free-fall in 2022


Disastrous data for the last quarter of 2022 with only 0.6% growth of the Macedonian economy and devastating data for the whole year 2022 which ended with an anemic growth of 2.1%, which could be lower with revised data, said VMRO- DPMNE on Tuesday.
“Contrary to the Government’s claims that it is successful in the area of investments, the published data from the State Statistics Office clearly denied it. In 2022, construction has a real annual decline of 8.4% and negative performance in all four quarters. On the other hand, gross investments, after a high level in the first half of the year due to an increase in inventories by companies in anticipation of high prices (a category included in gross investments), in the second half of the year recorded a decrease, so that in the last quarter from 2022 end in a real free fall of 5.3%.
“In a nutshell, out of a total of ten activities according to the production method of GDP, in six there is an annual decrease in the volume of production in the last quarter of 2022,” said VMRO-DPMNE.

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