Father Tsarknias on the attack by Greek fanatics: I locked the car and that saved me!


Archimandrite Nikodim Tsarknias, a Macedonian Orthodox priest active in Greece, who was attacked last week by a group of young extremist Greeks, in a conversation with a journalist and human rights activist, tells how he managed to survive the attack in a Facebook post.
He says that “God was watching over him”, because the thugs intended to physically attack him, but he was composed and locked the doors of his vehicle, after which they broke his rear window. However, the priest managed to escape from the place and report the case to the police.
The international organization United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD) demanded that the Greek authorities clear up this act of ethnic hatred, and called on international organizations and non-governmental organizations for human rights, as well as the European Union and diplomats, to condemn this incident and protect the Macedonians in Greece.

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