New protocols for dealing with cyber threats, Interior Ministry to report if there is a real threat


New guidelines, measures and plans for dealing with cyber threats are in force, according to which measures will be taken after a risk assessment, but without disrupting the educational process in schools. Investigative actions are taken for every tip that arrives, and there is already knowledge that some of them originate from the country, but also from VPN addresses in Russia and Iran.
As the Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski pointed out, the situation is completely under control, and the police will be in each of the schools, in all institutions – safety, security and tranquility of the citizens come first.
Spasovski pointed out that an operational team has been created from different institutions that participate with their experts and are looking for appropriate solutions to find a different approach to electronic threats, also emphasizing that a new instruction for action has been adopted and as of Friday, schools are operating according to that instruction. The investigative procedures, the minister pointed out, already have certain knowledge about the origin of the fake threats.

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