Police search for the shooters involved in the Old Skopje bazaar gun fight


After Monday night’s double murder in a restaurant in the Old Skopje bazaar, additional information is expected to be published about the case in which one person was also injured.
The public prosecutor on duty accompanied with the police inspection teams inspected the hospitality facility last night, and after midnight the withdrawal of the numerous police forces that secured the place began.
According to the initial information of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, several masked persons with firearms shot at the two who died on the spot, while the injured person was taken to the hospital for medical treatment.
The Ministry of Interior previously announced that last night around 8 pm at the Ministry of Interior- Skopje it was reported that several people shot at J. K. and E.I., who died on the spot, and to A.T., who was taken to the hospital for medical assistance.

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