Patients are not important to Kovachevski, but the salvation of Grubi


While there is no medicine and the ill are dying, Dimitar Kovachevski, in order to save Artan Grubi, pledged the healthcare and half of the clinics! For the Grubi’s sake, Kovachevski gave half of the clinical center directorships as a pledge, accused the spokesperson of opposition VMRO-DPMNE Naum Stoilkovski on Wednesday.

“Only in a trade for Grubi’s salvation,
These medical facilities got new directors:
The Neurology Clinic,
The Oncology Clinic,
The dermatology clinic.
Gynecology Clinic, Ophthalmology Clinic.
Because of Grubi, the Kozle clinic also has a new director.
And Zdravstven dom Skopje also gets a director.

Dear citizens, for Kovachevski the patients are not important, but the salvation of Artan Grubi, said Stoilkovski and added that ‘Kovachevski changed the directors of both the Pension Fund and the Macedonian Post Office, in the midst of the biggest energy economic crisis, the director of MEPSO is also being traded, as well’.

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