We fight for bread, but we also fight for roses, says “Glasen Tekstilec”


“Bread for all, but also roses”.  With this message today the activists from “Glasen Tekstilec” and the employees of the Municipality of Shtip marked the International Women’s Day. Kristina Ampeva from “Glasen Tekstilec”-Shtip says that the city of textiles and textile workers received another work dedicated to them. In the park “Suitlak” as of Wednesday there is a large mural, on which the sewing machine is drawn, with roses and grain.

“The idea came from reading how the struggle for equality began, that is, the message “Bread for all, but also roses” which explains what I have been saying lately. Enough of minimum wage, enough of bare existence and survival. We want to live. So our message is suitable for the Macedonian conditions “We fight for bread, but we also fight for roses”. Recently, we see that the fight for our rights, with an emphasis on workers’ rights, is intensifying, becoming louder and fiercer, so I tell everyone that we will always be on the side of the workers,” Ampeva said.

Ampeva stressed that women in the 21st century are not equal, nor do they enjoy the rights guaranteed by law.

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