Drug cartels are in a coalition with the Government and therefore encouraged to fight in the Skopje center, says opposition


The Government led by Kovachevski and Grubi and Spasovski’s police allowed the drug cartels to rule the streets and brazenly settle accounts with each other. Instead of hiding and running away from the police, they met in a full bar a few hundred meters from the square in Skopje, the Government and the police station. This only shows that the safety of the citizens is at zero level, that the gangs are cursing around the city, and the police are unable to stand in their way, said the oppositionparty VMRO-DPMNE on Thursday.

“This kind of a brutal murder is not the first, and as with the previous ones, the police will not be able to shed light on it. It is the result of Spasovski’s incompetence. What else needs to happen for this man to resign,” said the largest opposition party.

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