Grubi: In my office there is a football, a goal, a basketball, a handball, I don’t see anything immoral about it


I don’t see anything immoral, the comments are not appropriate. We just shot, played football for five minutes and basketball, that’s it, nothing special. We have become a society of hysterical reactions to anything and everything, reacts the Macedonian First Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi in relation to the photos and video he published this afternoon, showing how he and five other ministers from the party are playing football and basketball in his office in the Government building.

“There is nothing immoral about the fact that we played football in the office, the message was that we are a great team, that we are very close together, that we are energetic and eager for results, that we have just started work. It wasn’t during working hours, but even if it was. The day was hard, challenging. We met Nuredini for coffee for the first time after he stepped down. In my office there is a football, a goal, a basketball, a handball, etc. I don’t see anything immoral and unethical about it,” said Grubi.

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