Only with the anti-Western Grubi and Kovachevski, the Chinese can supervise the work of Americans, what are the government’s criminal connections?


Xiaoning Zhu, vice president of Eptisa’s board of directors, Chao Wang, Eptisa’s chief financial officer, and Yiran Mei, Eptisa’s CEO, are the management staff of the controversial company that the government has said is criminal but has chosen to oversee a project worth nearly 2 billion euros. They said that the company is Spanish, but in fact, the company itself says that it is from China, sayid opposition party VMRO-DPMNE on Friday.

Do these Chinese look like Spanish people who manage Eptisa that Grubi and Kovachevski chose? This is the only case in the world where a Chinese company will control an American giant, what kind of criminal connections with the government of Grubi and Kovachevski are we talking about?

Namely, the EPTISA company that Grubi and Kovacevski chose in a tender as part of a consortium with even more scandalous Macedonian companies, is actually a CHINESE company. Grubi and Kovacevski are the only tandem in the world who chose a Chinese company to supervise an American company.

“So much for Grubi and Kovachevski’s pro-Western orientation. They couldn’t have chosen more eastern than a Chinese company and capital,” added the largest opposition party.


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