Kasami says any possibility of cooperation with the current majority is closed for Besa


The so-called “Fire Group” within DUI would be more acceptable to the Besa Movement to cooperate with, only if they decide to break away from the party and form a new party. With the current parliamentary majority, every possibility of cooperation is closed, said the head of Besa Bilal Kasami in an interview with TV Alsat’s political show.

“It would be welcome for us if the “Fire Group” finally decided to break away from DUI, form a political party and sit down and make an expanded opposition coalition. They, Alternativa, with other parties, with other groups, with intellectuals and other opposition factors from the civil sector. We are ready to extend a hand for cooperation to any political force with which we assess that we will prove to the Albanian voters that we have surpassed ourselves and that we are ready to form a winning force that will guarantee that their vote will not go in vain,” Kasami said.



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