Butel Mayor: It is symptomatic that Arsovska insists on not changing the route that she promised to revise before elections

  1. The Mayor of the Butel Municipality Darko Kostovski rejects the accusations of the Mayor of the City of Skopje Danela Arsovska regarding the project for the construction of Boca Ivanova Boulevard and accuses her of not keeping her promise to revise the project.

“In less than 2 years, Arsovska quarreled with VMRO-DPMNE, with the union of the Water Supply and Sewage, with the union of JSP, with the directors of all the enterprises that she said were the best for modern Skopje. She quarreled with MKC and its employees, with private bus companies, with the mayors from ZELS, and these days he started quarreling with the people of Butel municipality. And for her, all these are guilty, only Arsovska is right. And with every quarrel, the same tactics as with the indigo press, she ruffles feathers, talks about everything else but not the essence, produces politicking,” Kostovski said in a Facebook post.

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