Struga-based company Eko-svet acquires Ohrid Lake for the sum of EUR 400,000


The Struga-based company Eko-svet through public bidding on Thursday won Lake Ohrid under a concession for commercial fishing for a period of six years, for the sum of 400,000 euros, TV Alsat reports.

The procedure for granting a fish concession for commercial fishing and organizing recreational fishing on Lake Ohrid is ongoing. The obligations regarding stocking, quantities and fish catch of the future concessionaire will be determined in the concession agreement after the selection of the concessionaire – stated the Ministry of Agriculture, from where they did not deny the published information about the new concessionaire who received the use of the largest Macedonian a lake.

Lake Ohrid has not had a concessionaire since January 2020, when the concession was revoked by the state from the company that carried out this activity, “Letnica-Belvica”, because it did not keep accurate records of the caught fish.

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