Court acquits Dragan Daravelski, his sentence is revoked due to statute of limitations


The judicial council acting on the case against the accused D.D. acting according to the indictment of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of April 18, 2005 for the criminal acts of abuse of official position and authority, made an IRREGULAR DECISION with which the criminal proceedings against D.D. is stopped due to the occurrence of absolute limitation, and the judgment with no. 809/05 is repealed.

“Following a request for a re-trial against the accused D.D., submitted by his lawyer on 10.01.2023, for which request the Criminal Council with decision KPOV no. 40/23 allowed the repetition of the procedure, and the same was confirmed by the Court of Appeal, a case was established with K. no. 414/23 which, according to the ACCMIS system, was allocated for further processing. The president of the judicial council, outside of the main investigation, stated that the absolute statute of limitations for the criminal prosecution, for a crime committed in the period from 2001 to 2002, has expired,” the court informed.

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