Kovachevski lied to the students who are victims of the SDSM and DUI “buyingtime” policy


Tache (Kovachevski) is lying through his teeth. He looked the students in the eye and lied to them. Right here, in the Parliament, in the afternoon in November, the Prime Minister triumphantly published a photo that he had reached an agreement with the students. According to the agreement at the time, the application of the law on subsidized student meals was extended until March 2023, with the promise that within a period of 5 months a new law will be passed that will contain a systemic solution, and will be the result of an agreement between students and institutions.

“Half of March has passed, and there is no such law in the Parliament. Students are victims of SDSM and DUI “buying time” policy. However, they did not accept the suggestion of VMRO-DPMNE that the law should be valid until the end of the academic year,” said VMRO-DPMNE MP Jovan Jaulevski.

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